Par Jean-Pierre Valery, étudiant à KEDGE Business School

logo1When I got my confirmation for attending the IBM EMEA Best Student Current Recognition, I was planning on a daily feedback article on what I’d experienced during this event. As you must have seen, this good resolution only lasted for a day 🙂 This was such an amazing experience, that I didn’t want miss a thing, and I decided to postpone my article about it. But now I got a novel to write to express everything I lived in this so little window of time. […]

Before anything, I’d like to take a few lines to thank everyone to IBM for this event. Especially all the people at IBM Montpellier for hosting the event, and furthermore for being so very kind to us. A wonderful welcome and hosting in general. Also, Josiane Gain, Jean-Louis Pierrel and Diem Ho for planning and organizing this event. Not forgetting Audrey Gauvin, without whom I would never have been able to do this. And also without forgetting my fellow Best Students, who were are amazing people 😉

Part. 1 / Prologue

When I first got the mail from Audrey about representing Kedge to this event, I was already excited about the idea. Gathering the 80 best students from 18 countries in Europe-Middle East-Africa, to make them meet and exchange and discover IBM sounded like really cool. I was already kinda insured that this will be really great. But the reality went far far far over my expectations, we’ll get to that later 😉
As everyone I knew IBM but not so much.[…] Everyone knows IBM, we’ve all heard of it. But we don’t know much and deeper. And I discovered a really amazing company which I never suspected nor imagined of.

Part. 2 / The BSRE2013

[…] What I experienced during those three days is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not only about the concept itself of the event, but also (and probably mostly) because of the human interactions. I met people that are passionate about their job, and passionating when they talk about it. […]
The other students were also all really amazing; so many different cultures, education, experiences gathering and exchanging… As Paul Valery said « Enrichissons-nous de nos différences » (« Get richer from our differences »). And truly, I was getting richer everyday. Not only on a network point of view, but also and mainly about ideas, exchanges, etc…tumblr_inline_mperwcKqLA1qz4rgp
Furthermore, I’ve also (re)discovered IBM […] and found out that IBM was sharing a lot of values with my business school (Advertising time :, values that I was already sharing with Kedge. Sharing the innovation, caring about a better planet for tomorrow, creating a whole new world, not business only for business, etc… And I kinda got a « coup de coeur » for it. […]

Part. 3 / Tomorrow

To start this part, I’ll just write again some ideas developed by Diem Ho for the final wrap up speech. It was such an inspirational and full of wisdom speech ! The one you’d like to hear more often and from more people.
[…] I really liked the concept of looking forward to do better. Quoting directly without transition : « […] case studies teach you to look backward. You have to look forward. »
. I mean, that’s something that I truly believed in, but when it’s affirmed by someone like him from a worldwide top company, it comforts you. […]
Finally, there were like keywords or inspirational concepts « Challenge the conventional #Wisdom – #Creativity – #Passion – #Perseverance ». It looks like a baseline made by a communication agency, but I felt it more like a lifestyle advice, and attitudes to have and maintain in every occasion.

In a nutshell

[…] I don’t know if I’ll work for IBM later (either as intern or employee – and even if the employment rates after participating this event seems quite good) and it’s not a problem, I don’t even know what I’ll do tomorrow. But that doesn’t matter. The corporate/job/marketing/ROI side that some could see in planning such an event doesn’t matter.

What really matters, is that a company is offering such an opportunity for students from all over the EMEA area to meet, exchange, etc… for three days without having to pay anything.
What really matters, is that this kind of event is not reserved de facto to a certain elite from high-level school. That a company was more looking for passion and motivation than for some titles on a resume.
What really matters, is that this kind of initiative is too isolated. And so, deserves to be more saluted.
What really matters, is that, finally, one of the largest companies of the world is not dehumanized enterprise focusing only on business, but actually very close from the human being.
What really matters… well… I think that this post gave you the main ideas.

And think about it… This is just a small part of what you experience, live, learn and feel when you assist to a IBM BSRE.
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Jean-Pierre Valery
is currently a student at Kedge Business School Marseille, where he studies Management and Business. Besides he’s the president of a modest independant music label he founded, the vice-president of the IT association of Kedge and an entrepreneur.